Module 5: Beliefs: How they Shape Social and Intolerant behaviours

Module 5: Beliefs: How they Shape Social and Intolerant behaviours

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AVAILABLE DATES: 11th August and 18th August 2020

The private world inside your mind that only you are aware of has a significant impact on the external conditions of your life. Your thoughts, values, and behaviors shape the way you think, act, and respond to challenges, change and individuals from a different ethnic, religious and cultural background. 

Taking the time to make the connection between your thoughts, values, behaviors, and the external conditions in your life, can help you make changes that improve the overall quality of your life. We will focus on the power of our beliefs and how our beliefs impact our lives. We'll also look at the Ultimate Potential Gap-(UP-Gap) cycle, which is a powerful concept you can use to break unhealthy beliefs that lead to unhealthy behaviours such as stereotyping, racism, biases and intolerance.

What’s covered in this course?
1. Beliefs…Perceptions or Placebo?
2. Beliefs & Psychological Health & Safety
3. Tools & Techniques -Ultimate Potential Gap-(UP-Gap) cycle to cultivate healthy beliefs

Who should attend?
Our courses are suitable for all employees within the workplace who are interested in their personal and professional growth. This course is especially suitable for managers/leaders who are looking for practical ways they can support their employees during difficult and challenging times of change. It is especially suitable for workplaces with low or high levels of diversity, wishing to shore up the health and well-being of their employees.

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